Sunday, January 29, 2017

What separates the agents from the pros? Consistency.

When you’re consistent, your clients learn to rely on you. They know they’ll hear from you every few months when you call or email to check in and look for a helpful way to serve.

They know they’ll receive valuable information from you every month that interests them as homeowners or that they can pass on to family or friends. Here are three ways being consistent can lead to your success.

1. You’ll build trust

That feeling of being able to rely on someone — whether it’s a family member, friend or real estate professional — builds trust. Send your marketing flyers each month, and your clients will expect them and look forward to receiving them.

Keep in touch by calling or sending them an email. Not only will you stay at the tops of their minds, you’ll also build and strengthen your relationships.

2. You’ll create a successful habit

The process of becoming consistent has an interesting consequence — you’ll develop a good habit. That’s right; as you connect with your clients and complete your lead generating activities, it’ll become a habit.

The good thing about habits is the activities become automatic, and when they’re automatic, you’ll feel weird if you don’t complete them.

3. You’ll lay the groundwork for future referrals

When you do the work now, you’ll reap the referrals later. Each time you do your lead generation, you’re sowing the seeds for future business. And when you consistently execute your lead generation, you’ll generate a consistent stream of leads.

Being consistent is not only a habit of successful people, but it’s also a way to build relationships with your clients, and thus a proven way to build an influx of reliable leads for your business.

Although many agents spend thousands of dollars purchasing leads from online sources, the pros simply develop relationships with their clients. To lead a solid business, be consistent, build trust and generate the leads that help your business thrive.

Article from Inman.

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