Monday, July 3, 2017

Top 10 Reasons We Love Meridian, ID

1. The most amazing parks in town

[athletic fields, musical instruments, huge play structures, splash pads and always clean]

2. It's close to everything

[literally, it's in the middle of the can be anywhere in 30 minutes]

3. It's safe and clean

[the Fire, Police and City take such good care of us]

4. The Mayor

[Tammy DeWeerd is dedicated to making sure that Meridian is a wonderful place for      families to live. All of the programs are run with heart]

5. Old Town Meridian

[if you haven't been lately you're missing out...the restaurants, History Walk, UnBound, Children's Farmers Market, Concerts in the Park and so much more]

6. Dairy Days

[besides all of the festivities, it's the best old-fashioned parade you'll find - bring on the cheese!]

7. The Village at Meridian

[shop, dine and entertain...all in one spot]

8. Roaring Springs

[had to include this one for the's like a carnival, every single day of summer]

9. The Schools

[from public schools, to charter schools, private schools and more...there is something for everyone]

10. It's a great place to call home

[Meridian is one of the fastest growing cities in Idaho and the United States. Why? Because it's just a flat, great place to live...see #'s 1-9]

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