Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Going Back to School

The smell of #2 Pencils, the bright whites and bold colors of new clothes, the sounds of super clean, squeaky shoes and the nervous, but exciting energy that fills the room of a house, make the first day of school one of the most memorable each year. Even as an adult, there is a sense of hope about adventures on the horizon, a little envy as we reminisce the days gone by and joy to see our little ones hold themselves up just a bit taller than the year before as they get ready to enter that new grade.

With the excitement comes a bit of apprehension of the unknown, but the thrill of seeing friends again, showing off the new gear and sharing the stories of summer makes it all worth the fluttering of butterflies.

Here in the Boise, Idaho area, with so many families prepping for the famous first day of school, we want to give a shout out to all of the kids in those squeaky new shoes, to treasure your days, make loads of fabulous memories, and embrace these magical years as they will fly by faster than you can imagine. And to the teachers of the Treasure Valley, thank you for all that you do in helping shape young minds and provide the guidance that our young people need. We are so incredibly lucky in this valley to have such wonderful schools for our children to attend.


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