Thursday, December 14, 2017

Don't forget the little things!

The words of two industry experts shouted loudly at me recently about winterizing my house.

  1. Clean your gutters! This lack of drainage could cause serious ice dams.
  2. Remove your hoses from the hose bib, and cover the faucet with an insulated cover. This is the #1 cause of frozen and broken pipes.
  3. Close any foundation air vents. This prevents the real cold air from going under the house and freezing your pipes.
  4. During wet and freezing weather, watch out for moisture under your garage door. This moisture can freeze the rubber seal and tear when it freezes. To prevent this, lightly sprinkle some ice melt where the garage door closes.
All of these things have the potential of keeping you free of major headaches during our winter season.

Be prepared...

By: Gary Salisbury, Sr. Sales Consultant at the Kit Fitzgerald Team, Equity Northwest Real Estate.